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  • 精致 24.系列 ~ 24分钟魔力精肌逆生 立见效果

    BEAU24 Series / Visible results in 24 minutes This award-winning treatment will rejuvenate your skin deep within the tissue in just 24 minutes, unveiling a radiant and vibrant complexion. A combination of speed, trend, science and technology to perfectly pamper a busy-bee like you.   精致24 • 系列 / 24分钟魔力精肌逆生 立见效果 此获奖疗程只需24分钟即能唤醒肌底结构,重现新生年轻光采。 结合快速、时尚、科技等技术重点,非常适合日理万机的您。   SKIN …

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